Explaining GDPR: What It Means For Your Business

Have you been getting a lot of emails lately about new privacy settings and policies? This is all in response to the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation which was passed back in 2016 and applies to all member states of the EU. Don't go just yet! Just because these are EU regulations doesn't mean [...]

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Why Paying for Facebook Ads is Worth It (2018 Data)

For the longest time organic content was the way to go. Making compelling posts with original images and text could see decent engagement from your audience. Sadly, those days are over. Changes to the Facebook algorithm in early 2018 have made organic posting must more difficult for businesses, even established brands with dedicated a following. [...]

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Social Media Landscape in 2018 (Infographic)

Let's take a look at what the social media landscape looks like in 2018. Which platforms are businesses using? Where are people advertising? You might be surprised by some of the data. *Frequency of posts per day* - It's important to realize that the best strategy for any business may be completely different from what [...]

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The Super Easy way to “See First” on Facebook

The recent changes to the Facebook algorithm have widely discussed by now and most of us can agree that this has been coming or a long time. If you're not aware of the changes you can learn about them here. While there are many different ways for business pages to combat the new changes, there [...]

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Not A Nightmare: The New Facebook Algorithm

Big changes are coming to Facebook and businesses are going to pay the price. On January 11th, Facebook announced major changes to the platform that would prioritize private posts over public content. In short, you’re going to see more posts on your news feed from friends and family than posts from businesses, even if you [...]

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Email Marketing in 2018

While new ways to reach your target market are continuously popping up on social media, the tried and true channel of email is still relevant and necessary for reaching your consumers. We've listed some things to make sure you have a handle on in 2018: Contact Management First things first, the number of contacts in [...]

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