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Meet Mike McGuiness

(the one on the left)

(the guy on the left)

He’s a bit older now, but that’s beside the point. We’re here to talk about Mike’s business and his ROI on Internet marketing. All which couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Mike’s passion or dreams, right? Not quite.

Like many entrepreneurs, Mike had a dream to eventually retire with the income made from his own business. 2 years ago he bought a beautiful RV Campground from an older couple who were ready to retire. Maple Grove Campground located in a grove of maples—Mike’s favorite tree.

Life was perfect, except with the purchase of the campground came the legacy of a zero online presence. *Gasp. Yes, zero. No website, no Google Place, no claimed Facebook page, no email database, nothing. Mike was completely invisible online. He needed help, and fast. No new campers = no retirement!

MGC FB LogoIn search of help, Mike found the insightful Kim Dixon of Insights, LLC. She nearly launched from the campground log bench with glee as she could clearly envision Mike’s path to retirement. Kim and her team went to work.

They began by creating a user-friendly website, rich with photos of happy campers at Maple Grove. Bursting with peaceful serenity, warm community, and the beautiful outdoors, this website would be sure to convert visitors to campers.

But this was not the Field of Dreams and Kevin Costner was nowhere in sight. Just because it was built, doesn’t mean they would come. So the Insights gang set off again, this time to get some friends.

Out of the gate they wrangled Maple Grove Campground’s multiple unclaimed Facebook pages into one, claimed the almighty Google Place and became #instagreat.

Next, the big bait came out when the Insightful crew cooked up a Constant Contact sweepstakes to collect emails and create online chatter. From zero to 100, the Insights’ team were now stoking the bonfire.

They built blog posts and sent emails about Pot Luck BBQ’s, Pancake Breakfasts and even a Rubby Ducky Race! Their open rates were over 25%, but more importantly their click-through rates were on the rise. In fact campers are having so much fun, that a new Spaghetti Feast is being cooked up—perfect for Online Registration. And what do Mike’s happy campers want for next season? They will tell us with a Constant Contact Survey!

But even with all of this success, Insights knew that the fish that really mattered were the one’s that Maple Grove Campground caught. And boy, were they reeling them in! In addition to the veteran campers, Mike’s getting 2-3 new campers per week—including one from Germany!

Now Mike’s retirement is INSIGHT, danke Insights, LLC! But then again don’t take my word for it. I just write blogs.

Mike McGuiness, Owner of Maple Grove Campground. Fairfax, VT